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18 January :
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4 January 2008 :
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Homepage :
3 Januar 2008 :
This Homepage is worked
at the next Weeks.
9 July : We have Particapants from 9 Countries.(Germany,Austria,Netherland,Belgium,Italy,
Sweden,Finnland,Estonia and England)
Particapants :
28 Juni : We have five Openings free in our Competition.
Regestration closes :
28 Juni : 3 rd of July Regestration will not be accepted after that Point in Time.
Particapants :
May 30 :
We have now 6 Places free for Man.
Guest Book:
May 12:
The Guest Book is now functioning again, please feel free to make your comments.
May 12:
We have 22 participants and are full for the amount of international particpants we can accept at the moment. Please be patient and we will contact you when you have to pay, otherwise we have placed you on the waiting list.
May 1:
There are now 17 registered international participants for men.
16 April:
We have already 13 from 20 possible international participants.

16 April:
Trophies are awarded in each age group, ONLY when there are 3 or more participants in the age group.
German participants (men):
April 16:
At the moment we have 15 of 20 available places for the German particiapants.
Women participants:
April 16:
At the moment we have 3 international and 5 German participants.
24 March:
Now the first three places from the European Championships in Austria 2005 have registered:
1) Andreas Glück 2) Hans-Martin Bruder 3) Bernhard Mauersperger
English Version:
For english reader: The english version of this homepage will be launched in a few weeks. Thank you for your appreciation.